Get to know Neuemart

Neuemart is an international e-commerce retail and technology company with the aim to create a solid distribution channel for producers of consumer products and services made in Nigeriaand elsewhere through online retail services. It facilitates small businesses to sell for local and international market.

35 Million+






We pride ourselves as an online marketplace/electronic commerce company with a vision to operate as Nigeria’s most reliable and friction-less commerce ecosystem which creates life-changing experiences for buyers and sellers.

We are in operation to empower entrepreneurs to build a sustainable and profitable online business without boundaries. To achieve this, we have launched Neuemart Entrepreneur Express (NEE) which is an advanced network programme between Neuemart and small business owners in Nigeria and elsewhere. The programme creates a local and international marketing and distribution channel for producers of consumer products on the Neuemart platform. The essence of this is to help small businesses reach more customers, benefit from Neuemart expertise and most importantly increase the visibility of small owned businesses which currently lack exposure to local and international market.

With the above put in place, when small businesses join Neuemart Entrepreneur Express Network, they can reduce their supply chain costs, and open their products to a mass audience. Thus, there is an opportunity for job creation and for local entrepreneurs to contribute to economic development and growth.